about diybookscanner.eu

Diybookscanner.eu sells book scanners, both as a kit and preassembled. It is a for-profit spinoff of my involvement in the DIYbookscanner.org community. DIYbookscanner.org produces advanced book scanning technology available to all who need it.

Diybookscanner.eu is an expression of a cherished personal goal: simple quality without the bells and whistles. Being able to create significant added value using free software and open hardware fills me with joy.

Diybookscanner.eu resorts under lusis.lv sia and services.lusis.lv sia of Riga, Latvia. I established these in August 2012 as the little sister companies to lusis.be, the Belgian company I started in early 2006. I couldn't have started these companies without the help of Ivo Ielitis.